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For Health Professionals

Best Practice in Respiratory Therapy.

Rely on your clinical assessment. The team at Resolve Healthcare have years of experience working in acute medical, emergency, aged care and paediatric facilities. Our experience has shown that many patients in need of respiratory therapy have missed out on Bubble PEP treatments because of concerns regarding their ability to understand the instruction to blow into the water, and the associated risk of aspiration. Thanks to its unique, patented design, therapists can now safely clinically assess a patient’s suitability for Hydrapep at any time – particularly useful in emergency, acute medical and aged care settings, where a patient’s cognitive level may be unknown, or vary from day to day.

Unique Award-Winning Design

Unsure whether your patient can use Hydrapep safely? Simply add 1-2cm water to Hydrapep, and twist the mouthpiece to align the outlet holes in the mouthpiece and tubing, before instructing your patient to blow bubbles in the water. In the event that your patient attempts to suck rather than blow, the outlet prevents the necessary pressure differential to draw water up the tubing and into the mouth.

Meanwhile, it is still easy to create bubbles in the shallow water – providing vital visual, aural and tactile feedback for reinforcement and improved understanding of the correct way to use Hydrapep. When you’re satisfied that your patient has understood your instructions and can continue to use Hydrapep safely, simply twist the mouthpiece again so that the holes are no longer aligned, and fill Hydrapep with water to the desired level to commence treatment.

Hydrapep enables more accurate, reproducible respiratory therapy.

Its minimalist design allows young and old alike to assemble and use their device easily. Hydrapep is easy to clean – vital for hospital settings, and patients with communicable diseases or immunocompromise.


  • Patented design enables assessment of a patient’s suitability for Bubble PEP, as well as safe education and practice – assisting therapists to prescribe Hydrapep only to appropriate patients who are able to perform their respiratory therapy regime competently
  • Moulded mouthpiece for improved comfort and lip seal
  • Water level markers equal pressure generated, for ease of treatment modification
  • Waterproof, customisable, adhesive instruction labels
  • Flexible tubing


  • Easy to assemble, use and clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cost-effective
  • Made of high quality, durable material
  • Recyclable

HOW TO USE HYDRAPEP Click for Instructions

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