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Hydrapep is an award-winning Bubble PEP device from Resolve Healthcare. Hydrapep makes respiratory therapy easier than ever, helping you breathe better sooner.

Bubble PEP is a simple and highly effective treatment for many respiratory conditions.
PEP stands for Positive Expiratory Pressure. Blowing bubbles through the tubing into the water creates pressure in the lungs and airways, which helps keep them open. This helps to move more air in and out of the lungs. For people with a productive cough, the vibration from the bubbles helps to break up the mucus (phlegm), and the increased air flow helps to move phlegm out of the lungs into the airways. From here, it can be coughed up.

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How Hydrapep Works

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Hydrapep is a Bubble PEP device.

It is an easy way to help you clear mucus (phlegm) from your lungs.  

It is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG  #227027).

It is commonly used in the treatment of respiratory illnesses.

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